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Just-in-Time Solutions
HW&W offers analytic, planning, and process review services to the federal government. We are staffed entirely by experienced personnel. Many are former federal government managers. Most of our staff work on a project assignment basis. This gives us the flexibility of assigning experts consistent with the subject matter of each project.

HW&W can assure its clients that an experienced and expert staff member will be assigned to assist them on each task. That fact also contributes to the satisfaction our staff feels when it has completed a project. The proof of the success of this model is in the fact that every former and present client gives us an excellent rating. Proof is also evidenced by the fact that our staff referrals are mounting, with our present staff referring colleagues to us.

Unmatched Federal Experience
HW&W staff members are recruited from many government agencies, we have a huge network to call on when providing best practices research. Our intimate knowledge of government processes and requirements has led us to focus our efforts where this expertise will do the most good. We concentrate on providing support to bring agencies into compliance with legislative and central office direction, especially in the areas of information security and capital investment.

Virtual Company
The majority of HW&W staff works from home offices or at client sites, coming to the HW&W office to consult with each other and to prepare final deliverables. We pride ourselves on going the "extra mile" for our clients - people who are sitting in the jobs that we were sitting in not so long ago.

Knowledge Transfer
A hallmark of HW&W client service is the attention we give to assuring a comprehensive understanding of client needs and the particular requirements of each client’s environment. At the completion of each task, we ensure not only production of deliverables, but a real transfer of knowledge to our clients. This includes materials collected, contacts made, and the reasoning behind our recommendations. We always remind our clients that after we have completed our work, we are still available to answer their questions. Our goal is to increase our clients’ knowledge as well as to provide the requested products.

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